Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Final Eurovision Countdown

Well, the Eurovision results are in and counted up. Let me begin this post by saying that I was pleasantly surprised how much more varied the voting was last night. One thing that's always got me down about Eurovision is how predicatable the voting has become, but last night most people actually seemed to be voting for the songs rather than because of the politics. Well done Europe!

Anyway, this post is where I share information on the winners for those who were unable to see the results, or simply couldn't be bothered to wait for them.

At number 3 its....... Sweden:

Next, a number 2 it's........ Italy:

But, finally, at number 1 (and winners of Eurovision 2011) its Azerbaijan:

So what do you think of these winners? And what would you like to have seen as number 1?

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