Friday, 24 August 2012

Music in Writing

Today's Topic Suggestions:
  • Share a quote from a book that talks about music
  • Write a passage about music

Between the Woods and the Water by Patrick Leigh Fermor
A bonfire was lit: a carriage disgorged four Gypsies- a violin, a viola, a czembalom and a double-bass- who assembled under a tree... Their strings and their voices kept us company all the way downhill, the through the gates and along the grass path through the trees.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Music in Writing

Today's Topic Suggestions:
  • Share an extract from a book talking about music
  • Tell us about how music influences your writing
  • If you listen to audio-books, tell us about how their soundtracks does or doesn't affect your experience of the text

Extract from 'The Folklore of Discword by Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson'
But  nobody can deny that the fauna of the Discworld is particulary rich in species which other worlds have dreamed of. Not for nothing does the old song run:
All beasts bright and beautiful
All monsters big and small
All things weird and wonderful
The Discworld has them all

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bookish Music Parody

Today's Topic Suggestions:
  • Write your own musical parody with a bookish theme and then post the lyrics and/or a video
  • Post a link to a song which parodies a book or reading in general
  • Tell us what you think of music parodies in general

A Harry Potter Parody (found on YouTube)

Friday, 10 August 2012

Music in Writing

Todays Suggested Topics:
  • Share with us a passage from a book that mentions music
  • Post the video or lyrics of a song mentioned in your current/favouite read
  • Tell us about the role of music in your favourite read

From 'The Folklore of Discworld' by Terry Pratchett & Jacqueline Simpson

Each clan [of the Feegles] keeps a bard and musician, called a gonnagle, with a repertoire of heroic lays, laments, and martial music played on the mousepipes. Such performers are invaluable in battle, for terrorizing the enemy. When Tiffany Aching and the Feegles of the Chalk are attacked by a pack of fairt grimhounds, the venerable William the gonnagle takes out his pipes:
'I shall play,' he announced, as the dogs got close enough for Tiffany to see the drool, 'that firrrm favourite, "the King Underrr Waterrr".' As one pictsie, the Nac Mac Feegles dropped their swords and put their hands over their ears. William out the mouthpiece to his lips, tapped his foot once or twice, and, as a dog gathered itself to leap at Tiffany, began to play... The dog in front of her went cross-eyed and, instead of leaping, tumbled forward. The grimhounds paid no attention to thhe pictsies. The howled. They spun around. They tried to bite their own tails. They stumbled, and ran into one another. The line of panting death broke into dozens of desperate animals, twisting and writhing and trying to escape from their own skins. [The Wee Free Men]
What had happened was that William had played 'the notes of pain', pitched too high for human ears, but agonizing to dogs. 

Friday, 3 August 2012

Music That Makes My World Go Round

Today's topic
Post /leave a comment about one of the following:
  • Your favourite band/solo artist
  • Your favourite music genre
  • The role of music in your life
  • Music that can be heard in your household
 Don't forget to leave a link in the comments, and that every 'Music Through The Pages' post you make qualifies you for an extra entry in our giveaway (link in the sidebar).

The role of music in my life

Music really does help my world go round. Whilst I don't listen to many CDs nowadays, I spent a large majority of my time making music.

I play with Abbey Brass band and also enjoy singing at my local church. Its rare that a moment doesn't go by without me humming to myself (something my family really hates)- I just can't help it since there's always a tune in my head.

When I'm driving I love nothing better than to have the radio on. If Rdaio 2 doesn't provide a programme that I enjoy then I usually put on a CD instead. Depending on where I'm driving (and how I''m feeling) this can be Take That, music from the musicals, Brian May, or the Beatles.

I couldn't imagine a world without music, just as I couldn't imagine one without books. Surely that would be a boring world indeed!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Music Through The Pages Giveaway (International)

To celebrate our month long Summer Special entitled 'Music Through The Pages' I'm giving away a bundle of music and book related prizes. And what's more, it's international!

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