Friday, 3 August 2012

Music That Makes My World Go Round

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The role of music in my life

Music really does help my world go round. Whilst I don't listen to many CDs nowadays, I spent a large majority of my time making music.

I play with Abbey Brass band and also enjoy singing at my local church. Its rare that a moment doesn't go by without me humming to myself (something my family really hates)- I just can't help it since there's always a tune in my head.

When I'm driving I love nothing better than to have the radio on. If Rdaio 2 doesn't provide a programme that I enjoy then I usually put on a CD instead. Depending on where I'm driving (and how I''m feeling) this can be Take That, music from the musicals, Brian May, or the Beatles.

I couldn't imagine a world without music, just as I couldn't imagine one without books. Surely that would be a boring world indeed!

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