Sunday, 5 May 2013

Music Out of the Pages: What can you play?

Soul Music by Terry Pratchett
A large bronze horn lay across his knees.
'Glod Glodsson,' said the dwarf. 'You just play the harp?'
'Anything with strings on it,' said Imp. 'But the harp us the queen on instruments, see.'
'I can blow anything,' said Glod.
'Reallly?' said Imp. He sought for some polite comment. 'That must make you very popullar.'
The troll heaved a big leather sock off the floor. Lias picked one up and flicked it with a finger. It went bam. 
'Music made from rocks?' said Imp. 'What do you calll it?'
We call it Ggroohauga,' said Lias, 'which means music made from rocks.'

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