Saturday, 26 May 2012

Abbey Brass at Appleford

This morning, shaded from the heat by a canopy which the wind threatened to blow away, Abbey Brass entertained the visitors at Appleford Fete.

It was a simple, but good event, with local fruit and veg on sale, tea & coffee, cake, charity stalls, local information and bootsale-style tables. But the highlight of the event had to be the traction engines, which ocassionally made circuts of the field.

It was great to have an opportunity to practise the marches that the band intend to use a Whit Friday, as well as to play in such picturesque conditions. Thanks to all that attended- we hope you had a good time!

You can next see Abbey Brass at Blenheim Palace on Tuesday the 5th of June (or, of course, at the Whit Friday marches this Friday).

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